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Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web applications have the potential to be the next major milestone for the mobile web domain. They were first proposed by Google in 2015, and they have since garnered a lot of interest due to the sheer simplicity of creation and the nearly immediate wins for the application's user interface.

A progressive web application uses cutting-edge technology to blend the best of web and smartphone applications. Consider it a website designed with web technology that works and feels like an app.

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Identify the users and the most relevant user actions when deciding if the next application should be a mainstream web app, a website, or a native mobile device. A progressive web app is one that runs in all browsers and improves the user interface once the user's browser is upgraded with new and improved functionality and APIs. As a result, there is no difference in the user interface between a modern mobile app and a conventional website; however, you will need to consider what features to help offline, and you may need to facilitate navigation.

A progressive web app, by design, would run on any platform and gradually improve, taking advantage of any functionality present on the user's device and browser. If such features are needed for crucial user actions but are not yet available due to a lack of cross-browser compatibility, a native mobile application could be the best choice, ensuring a consistent experience for all users. At Maxtra Technologies, we can help you in developing the perfect web app that is highly functional and equally appealing to the eyes.

Progressive Web Apps are developed using a modern technology known as service workers. Service workers are scripts that are event-oriented and have access to domain-wide events. These are programmable proxies that sit between the user's browser tab and the rest of the Internet. They intercept network requests and rewrite or fabricate them in order to provide very granular caching and offline service. In layman's words, it offers instant and dependable loading regardless of network connectivity. We can help you in building agile web apps that help you in reaching a large audience seamlessly.

    Progressive Web App Development
  • Users who access the site from a browser have an app-like experience. When they return, the page loads almost immediately, even on sluggish networks. Users that use the software often will be asked to install it and upgrade to the final version. AliExpress, a prominent e-commerce platform in the United States, China, Russia, and Brazil, created a cross-browser Progressive Web App to combine the best of their software with the web's wide scope. AliExpress has seen a 104% rise in conversion rates, and users are now visiting twice as many pages per day, with time spent per session increasing by an average of 74% across all browsers.
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  • Progressive Web App Development Services Offered by Us

    Here are some of the services offered by Maxtra Technologies in the Progressive Web App Development Domain:

    • PWA migration
    • Ecosystem securing
    • PWA development
    • PWA support
    • PWA designing
    Maxtra Technologies has been building robust Progressive Web Apps for its clients and has constantly ensured a high success rate. Moreover, with our team of experienced developers, we are on a constant lookout for the latest trends in the PWA domain to assist our clients with a high level of service quality.

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  • Progressive Web App Development
  • We can help you in building agile web apps that help you in reaching a large audience seamlessly.

  • Business and client-centric approach.
  • 24x7 support availability.
  • Rich portfolio of successful PWA development